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Sparky is company founded around helping organisations to utilize power of their data and converting it to insights and value. 

Why us?

We are Data Science company building custom end to end solutions for your business. We have years of experience in different industries with many interesting projects.

Technologies we use and love

Our services

From data to knowledge with our experts

Data Ingestion

Helping organizations to load vast amounts of data flowing from various sources and in different formats

Data preparation

Transforming data from raw to “tidy” format usable for further analysis, modelling and visualizations.

Big Data

Utilization of big data technologies for advance data processing and knowledge extraction.

Machine learning

State-of-the-art algorithms customized for each organization and their problems.

Data visualizations

Creation of data visualizations, dashboards, stories, interactive apps and documents.

Custom data products

Custom end-to-end data products or applications based on client’s inputs and their needs.


With many years of experience in different industries we are there to help our clients with their data.


Custom Data Science training for our clients using either open source or commercial tools.

Industries we are changing

We help our clients utilize power of data

Utilization of data science for data visualization, predictive models and textual analysis.

Improving customer experience and service quality with utilization of IoT, Big Data technologies and Data Science.

Analysis of large data for predictive maintenance and analysis using Big Data technologies and IoT.

Creation of better shopping experience with advance Data Science techniques and Big Data technologies.

Data Science is being used to leverage social media and other media content to understand real-time  usage patterns.

Changing sport with analysis of large data and detail sensor data with machine learning and data visualizations.


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