Sparky is data science company building beautiful data products that help our clients to utilize full potential of their data. We offer end-to-end data solutions and services.

As in any data science workflow the beginning of it is always data ingestion and preparation. These tasks provide foundation for any work afterwards and it is important to do it properly.

Data Ingestion

Helping organizations to load vast amounts of data flowing from various sources and in different formats

Data preparation

Transforming data from raw to “tidy” format usable for further analysis, modelling and visualizations.

Big data and machine learning are very popular in recent years and it is not by coincidence. These technologies and solutions help organizations to extract hidden knowledge from their data and to utilize its power. We built many big data systems (based on Cloudera) and machine learning models (deep learning, NLP, classification, clustering and other)

Big Data

Utilization of big data technologies for advance data processing and knowledge extraction.

Machine learning

State-of-the-art algorithms customized for each organization and their problems.

Data visualizations and data products are final part of any data science workflow and they are crucial since this is a point where we communicate end results to end users. Paying attention to details and quality itself is something that helps us to successfully communicate end results with our users.

Data visualizations

Creation of data visualizations, dashboards, stories, interactive apps and documents.

Custom data products

Custom end-to-end data products or applications based on client’s inputs and their needs.

We have many years of experience in data science domain both in building data products and building data solutions for our clients from various industries (finance, telco, retail and other). If you need help, contact us and we will be happy to consult you in your goal of extracting knowledge from your data. We also provide education and training in tools that we use (R, Tableau) or for specific data science tasks (data preparation, data visualization, machine learning or other). 


With many years of experience in different industries we are there to help our clients with their data.


Custom Data Science training for our clients using either open source or commercial tools.

If you need help with you data and you want to extract hidden information and knowledge from it, feel free to contact us regarding our future projects.

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